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#11 – The King of Micro-Dosing, Dr Jim Fadiman

By June 7, 2017 No Comments

Dr James Fadiman joins the show to discuss his views on ayahuasca and it’s “ecological agenda.”  This is the second part of our Psychedelic Science Series which includes full-length interviews recorded for the new documentary, Spirit Hospital (http://spirit.hospital), scheduled for July 2017 release.  This interview was recorded at the Psychedelic Science conference in Oakland, California, which was facilitated by http://www.maps.org, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies.  It’s a fantastic, short and sweet episode which we hope you enjoy!

Jim’s bio is wayyyy too big to summarize in this post.  No, really, it is!  He doesn’t even try to do it on his personal website, he just points people to his vitae.  But he does leave people with a message that gives you a glimpse into his ethos:

“The work most worth doing for me has been helping myself and others remember how interwoven we are with the rest of the natural world. Only when we act out a dark fantasy of separation do we harm the very world in which we are enmeshed. Once awakened, exploitation of others, the destruction of any eco- system and that ultimate obscenity – war – all become as impossible to support as it would be to take a hammer and chisel (and) cut off one’s own fingers.

My different forms of self-expression: work, writing, photography are parts of who I have been and am. Psychedelic experiences have been the foundation stones of my worldview, as crucial now as when I had my first experience. If it is true, as one tradition suggests, that “God is as close to you as your jugular vein,” knowing that personally should be beneficial.”

— Dr Jim Fadiman


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